Suni's breasts seemed larger than they actually were given her otherwise small proportions, but they weren't floppy and certainly didn't sag. They stood full and firm, the nipples jutting out proudly as I sucked on each of them. I pushed the breasts together and ran my tongue through the deep cleavage as my fingers flew like butterflies across the smooth skin. As I licked her right breast, areola and nipple lewdharry", I let my hands drift from her other boob down the slope and over her abdomen, tracing a line to her navel and then further below. For a while I kept making circles over her midriff, feeling her muscles shiver and tense. Her breathing was very heavy and her pulse rate had certainly risen; her body squirmed under the ministrations of my hand and my mouth thelivenudecam. I slid down further along the length of the sofa, sitting now near her knees and calves, my face just below her awesome breasts. The fingers of one hand ran the entire length of her upper body as I touched the side of her breast down to the narrow waist, over her abdomen and to the side of her hips. I moved my palm over her full length skirt and felt the musculature of her thighs through the material of her dress. As she lay on her back, I continued to burrow my face against her skin while my hand traversed over her knees and shin, before tracing a return up her body and back to her breasts again.

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